Share your insights on LinkedIn & achieve business goals in 90 days.

For B2B founders, leaders and subject matter experts with valuable expertise,  we’ll transform a 30-minute interview into thought leadership videos, every month, perfect for LinkedIn and beyond.

Ready to share your expertise and lead your industry?

Custom built...

Our service is specially designed for founders, CEOs, business leaders, and subject matter experts who have expertise, that is really valuable to their audience, but they need help getting it out there.

to achieve your goals...

Whether it’s growing awareness, educating your audience, or attracting new customers, sharing thought leadership content builds trust and credibility and is your strategy for success.

and respect your time

From just a 30-minute virtual studio interview each month, we create a bounty of insightful and impactful talking head videos, demonstrating thought leadership on LinkedIn and beyond.

See results within 90 days

Quality thought leadership content, posted consistently on LinkedIn, delivers results within 90 days!

Increase Your

Consistently publishing engaging, short-form videos, elevates your profile across LinkedIn

Grow Your

Sharing authentic content with real opinions is more relatable and engaging which will foster genuine connections

Build Trust & Credibility

Showcasing your expertise and insights is key to influencing and building trust

Achieve Goals

Focus your insights to deliver positive outcomes

30 Minutes for a Month of Content

We transform a 30-minute interview into a month’s worth of video content perfect for LinkedIn and beyond


We Interview You

You can connect with our team from anywhere in the world each month to carry out  virtual studio interview.


We ask You the Right Questions

Based on your goals, our team crafts a set of questions for your interview that are designed to draw out your unique insights.


We Edit and Optimise

Our expert video editors take your interview and create a series of concise, impactful, and professional talking head videos.


We Publish and Report

Your single 30-minute session provides enough content to keep your LinkedIn and other social media channels buzzing for an entire month.

Authentic content from credible experts in an impactful format

Examples of how some clients have Expert Takes to land their message.

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Turn your expertise into influence

Start posting your thought-leadership on LinkedIn and become the most trusted source of information on topics that matter to your audience and customers.