Unearth expertise and get powerful content every month

How to put real people with real insights and stories at the heart of your content marketing

Step 1: Strategy

Set a goal

Whether your business wants to attract new customers, grow revenue from existing customers, or any other strategic goal, your expert content can help achieve these goals. 

Select an expert

Match an expert with the goal you’re trying to achieve. For example;

Senior management can offer their unique PoV on industry matters, providing thought leadership to the market and help achieve the goal of generating brand awareness.

A product manager can outline different ways your business solves customers problems and help achieve the goal of generating demand.

Step 2: Research

Interview Topics

After you set a goal and selected an expert you’ll receive a selection of carefully researched topics, specific to your chosen expert, aligned to your chosen business goal, and highly relevant and helpful to your audience. 

Interview Questions

After you’ve selected a topic for your experts interview, you will receive a number of carefully drafted questions designed to explore aspects of that topic that will help achieve your goal.

Step 3: Sharing Expertise

Experts can easily record their responses

Your expert is guided through an easy to use remote video interview where no technical experience is needed.

Your expert can record as many takes as needed, skip questions, and control what is video is submitted.

Fast and convenient

Your expert’s video interview usually takes less than one hour to complete and can record their interview where ever and whenever they want.

With just a internet connection required your experts video interview is recorded in HD with any mobile or desktop devices.

Camera Shy?

A face on video is great, but don’t worry if your expert doesn’t like the limelight, they can choose to record audio, text, or share their screen instead of being on camera.

Step 4: Creators Assemble

Content Specialists

A team of content strategists, copywriters, designers, and video editors step in, and with your marketing goals in mind; edit, extract, repurpose and trans-create your experts responses to produce a diverse range of content.

On brand content

Your expert’s interview is processed to create a month’s worth of  branded videos, blogs, infographics and rich social media assets for your website and social media channels.

Full sign off

Of course you will get to review the content and provide feedback to ensure its just right and that you are completely satisfied.

Step 5: Drop Day

Delivery day

In a process that takes 28 days or less your content is ready. You will receive a link to a folder all your content organised neatly and ready for you to use.

Get publishing

You’ll also receive a complimentary publishing schedule to help you get your content out their working hard for your business.

Better business outcomes 

Publishing content consistently month after month builds authority and creates a recognisable and memorable brand identity that resonates with your audience anddevelops a deeper connection with your brand.

Start using the power of your people to grow your business