Introducing Expert Takes


Hello👋 We’d like to introduce you to Expert Takes, what it is, and how it works.

So first, what is it? Expert Takes is an end-to-end content marketing solution that helps businesses grow with content marketing that showcases their expertise. We help you take one of your greatest assets – your business’s knowledge and authority – and turn it into powerful, high-quality content that attracts attention, builds trust, and achieves marketing goals.

In short, Expert Takes puts real people with real expertise and experience at the heart of your content marketing, we call it expert-led marketing.

Paul Donnelly, co-founder of Expert Takes

Here’s why it works:

Content made up of unique perspectives from people with expertise is more powerful because it attracts attention and resonates with customers. Real and practical experience is more authentic and when specific examples are provided they are far more compelling to customers.

This useful, helpful, and convincing content is increasingly favoured with search engines and users on social media platforms who are seeking content that is rich in knowledge, experience and sets itself apart from generic, re-hashed, and AI-sourced material.

Expert Takes showcases your expertise in a way that will help you become a trusted source of information on topics that matter to your audiences, generating confidence in your brand.

We work with your subject matter or product experts to create a reliable flow of beautifully created, high quality branded content every month, so you can publish on your website and social channels with effortless consistency.

The content we create (long and short form videos, blog posts, articles and engaging and attention-grabbing social media content) is easy to consume, clear, concise and always aligned to your desired business goal.

Expert Takes content is carefully created by our team of experienced content strategists, writers, designers, and video editors. We manage the entire process for our customers including strategy, research, and production, providing all the necessary skills, and taking up limited amounts of your time.

Here’s how it works:

Whether your business wants to attract new customers, grow revenue from existing customers, or achieve other marketing goals, Expert Takes versatile marketing solution can help.

Once a marketing goal is set, the next step is to select the right expert for the job – someone who really knows their stuff and can deliver on your goals. For example, your senior management can offer a unique PoV and industry insights (great for establishing thought leadership) while product managers show how your business solves customers problems (great for generating demand). Selecting the right expert is key, and we can help you do this!

Expert chosen! Now it’s over to the Expert Takes team, who will curate a carefully researched set of topics for you to choose from. These will be aligned to those all-important marketing goals making sure they are highly relevant and engaging for your audience.

Select your topic, and then it’s back to us. We will draft questions on this topic designed to draw out the right content and expertise that will help achieve your (dare I say it again) goals.

We send these to your expert who is guided through an easy-to-use remote video interview (no technical skills needed, plus we provide a super helpful guide). This content gets shipped back to our experts and we turn it into a months’ worth of high-quality video pieces, beautifully written articles and blog posts, graphics and infographics and carousels for social media (and anything else you might need or want).

Here’s how it can be used:

Expert Takes content can help achieve many different goals. Our customers use it for demand generation, lead generation, increasing sales velocity, improving customer retention, product launches, and brand building – to name but a few.

Here’s how much of your time we take:

We work with marketing teams of all sizes to deliver expert marketing content FAST and cost effectively, leaving you more time to focus on all your other tasks.

We drastically cut the amount of time needed to produce high quality content marketing. If you’re our main point of contact in your business, then typically you will spend 3-4 hours per month working with us. If you are the subject matter or product expert for your company, you will need to dedicate less than 2 hours per month. All you need is a computer or mobile phone with camera and mic and an internet connection.

Here’s how you can get started:

To get started, choose a plan that suits your business. We offer off-the-shelf plans which have fixed, upfront pricing so customers know exactly what they will get every month. Price essentially depends on the number of expert video interviews that are recorded, and the range of material created. If the plans don’t suit your business exactly, you can contact us to discuss a custom plan. We also offer add-ons for customers who want additional support on strategy, distribution, or SEO.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how your business can showcase it’s expertise and achieve more marketing goals get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements today!

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