Decision Makers are consuming Thought Leadership content every week and here’s what they are looking for.


Thought leadership is more important than ever to audience engagement as it is increasingly used by senior executives, and decision makers, to drive organisational success. 

Recent research shows that 7 in every 10 decision makers use it to keep up to date with the latest thinking in their field or sector, and to stimulate new thinking and help generate new ideas for their organisation. 

Others use it to understand key trends currently affecting or poised  to impact their organisation. While almost half use it to discover new products and offers that might help their organisation. 

In short, thought-leadership content, which is delivered using expert opinions and insights plays a pivotal role in successful content marketing.

Covid Changed Everything

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift towards content marketing, resulting in a surge of thought leadership content and senior management now spend more time reading and consuming thought leadership than before the pandemic. 

In fact, most senior management admitted they dedicate over an hour each week to reading and reviewing thought leadership content to help them achieve business goals. 

The challenge is that while there is far more content available the quality has dropped, and most readers are finding less value in the thought leadership content they consume. 

Grabbing the attention of this audience is also difficult, with more than half admitting they’ll abandon content within the first minute if it fails to engage them.

Despite the proliferation of ‘middle of the road’ thought leadership content, the demand for high-quality, problem-solving content remains unshaken. Audiences are struggling to sift through the noise and find content aligned with their business goals. 

Organisations that can bridge this gap by delivering valuable and impactful thought leadership content that addresses people’s problems and business goals effectively will be seen, heard and ultimately successful. 

What Constitutes Valuable Content? 

In a survey by Coleman Parkes in collaboration with Grist, senior executives from FTSE 350 companies shared their content preferences. 

The results highlighted three major turn-offs:

  1. Content that’s too generic – Not directly relevant to me (63%)
  2. Content lacking in original insight or ideas (58%)
  3. Content promoting the creator rather than addressing my problems (53%)

In essence, content should be audience-centric, avoiding generic, unoriginal, and self-promotional approaches. Additionally, content that is too conceptual, features unsubstantiated opinions, or is difficult and boring to read is also a no-no. 

Original and specific thought leadership content is what will cut through.

The top three  most valuable qualities highlighted by this research are:

  1. Fresh thinking – Content that explore issues or challenges from new perspectives (46%)
  2. Forward-thinking – Content that analyses emerging trends (32%)
  3. Evidence-led – Content that contains robust data (29%)

Create content that ticks these boxes and prepare for success. 

Final Take

Knowing what kind of content your audience is looking for is just the beginning of your thought-leadership content journey. Creating it demands in-depth research, an array of technical skills, and time – something all teams are short of. 

Ready to Unearth your Organisations Expertise?

Here at Expert Takes we specialise in crafting thought leadership content that aligns with your audience’s values and problems, making sure the content achieves your goals.

We research topics to ensure the content created is what your audience is looking for, and create content that is accessible, informative, entertaining and available in versatile formats.

We create video content in long and short form that aligns with how modern content is more commonly consumed, and our graphic designers know how to create infographics and social posts that deliver key messages at a glance, so busy decision makers are able to get the point fast. And we write articles that are inline with Google’s EEAT guidelines so your content is future proofed.

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