Building Trust Through Expert-Led Content

How your organisation’s experts can help build trust, thought leadership and achieve business goals
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When people and teams come together to build and operate thriving organisations, expertise plays a crucial role. The insights, knowledge, and understanding of subject matter and product experts make a significant difference. Showcasing this expertise isn’t just important – it’s the key to building trust, which is essential for growth and success. In fact, according to PWC, a striking 3 out of 4 of B2B buyers are more likely to do business with a company they trust.

What is Expert-Led Content?

Expert-led content is content marketing driven by the insights, knowledge, and understanding of subject matter experts within a particular industry or organisation. It involves capturing the perspectives, opinions, and experiences of these experts and translating them into powerful, valuable and authoritative content.

Why tap into expertise?

Expert-led content helps businesses and organisations establish themselves as thought leaders and industry authorities by sharing their expert insights and knowledge.

Sharing expert-led content builds credibility and fosters trust among target audiences because it is based on the know-how of credible experts in the field.

Offering unique perspectives and in-depth knowledge in this way provides valuable insights that resonate with the audience.

What organisations should use expert-led content?

Expert-led content works for businesses and organisations across various industries, particularly for those aiming to establish thought leadership, drive brand recognition, and engage their target audience with valuable insights.

Whether you are a B2B company, technology company, professional service provider, educational institution, or nonprofit organisation, expert-led content can elevate your brand and set you apart from the competition.

How is expert-led content different from other types of content?

Expert-led content goes beyond basic information and provides in-depth analysis, expert opinions, and actionable advice derived from the expertise of the contributors.

It positions the organisation or individual as a thought leader by offering industry trends, and cutting-edge insights that provides greater knowledge to customers and drives industry conversations.

5 steps to creating effective expert-led content

Here at Expert Takes we have identified five steps businesses can take to create effective expert-led content:

  1. Set Goals: Define the marketing goal you are trying to achieve. Whether your business wants to attract new customers, grow revenue from existing customers, or any other strategic goal, your expert content can help achieve these goals. 
  2. Research: Once you have identified a clear goal it’s time to match an expert with the goal you’re trying to achieve. Research is key to choosing your expert, and identifying topics and questions that will help resonate with your audience to achieve that goal. It’s important when researching topics to identify specific elements that your expert can offer unique perspectives on and reveal interesting talking points.
  3. Sharing Expertise: Respecting your experts time is so important if you are to run an expert-led content programme. To do this, a mix of technology, tools, and patience is required. We find asynchronous video interviews provide a flexible and convenient way for experts to share their thoughts with you. 
  4. Repurpose and Transcreate: Once the interview is in the can it’s time to put video editors, copywriters, designers to work turning a short interview into reams of unique and insightful content for publication across your organisations chosen platforms. 
  5. Maintain Consistency and Quality: Consistency and quality are crucial for successful expert-led content. Establish guidelines and processes to maintain a high standard of content creation and ensure a consistent flow of expert insights.


Recognising the role of experts is the first step toward unleashing the full potential of expert-led content and enhancing your marketing efforts. 

Now that you know how to identify the experts within your organisation, why not consider integrating them into your B2B marketing strategy? 

Stay tuned for our next blog post on aligning experts with precise marketing goals – the essential next step in transforming expertise into a successful content marketing strategy.

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Source: PwC, “The Trust Dividend: How Building Trust Can Drive Growth and Competitive Advantage” (2019)

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