Here’s what’s missing from your 2024 Content Marketing Strategy…

Organisations need to update their 2024 content marketing strategy because the way people consume content has changed. People are more discerning, and will only give their time to content that catches their attention and provides authoritative, trustworthy information fast. Here's one impactful change you can make to your content marketing strategy to address this.
What's missing from your 2024 content marketing strategy

Think back to the last time you scrolled through your social media feed…how many pieces of content did you zoom past before a personable, authentic looking piece of content stopped you in your tracks? 

The content marketing landscape has changed. There’s so much content being created these days; people have had to become more discerning about what content is worthy of their time. If your 2024 content marketing doesn’t capture attention almost instantly it will be discarded. Content needs to deliver a really authoritative and trustworthy message faster if it is to continue to grow brands and attract and retain customers. 

That is why organisations need to update their 2024 content marketing strategy to address this.

Don’t get lost in the scroll…

Think – reliable info from credible experts.

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One change to make to your 2024 content marketing strategy

If organisations consider making one change to their content strategies in 2024, it should be to focus on creating personable, authentic expert-led content.

Good expert-led content puts an organisation’s internal experts at the centre of its content. Allowing your internal experts to share their points of view and knowledge in impactful, consumable formats will make your content stand out as trustworthy and authoritative, helping you to strengthen your brand and establish your organisation as an influential industry voice.

Five reasons to include expert-led content in your 2024 content marketing strategy

1.    Experts influence builds your brand: Creating and sharing content featuring your internal experts helps build your organisation’s reputation around their expertise. Sharing expert-led content will establish your brand as an authority and a trusted go-to source.

2.  Experts will get your content noticed: People search for authoritative content to help them make decisions. As audiences become more discerning about what they consume, you have to use the most potent content tools at your disposal. By unearthing your expertise and transforming it into consumable content you can influence your audience quickly and effectively. 

3. Expert-led content simplifies complex topics: Research shows that people trust expert’s to help them understand complex topics quicker. Think about it…would you prefer to watch an expert concisely explain a  complex topic, or spend your Sunday locked in the office reading a 123 page report? Expert-led content takes specialised knowledge and presents it in a way that fast-tracks comprehension. People don’t have time to research everything. By sharing your expert’s in-depth knowledge through engaging, easily digestible content, your content will be much more influential. 

4. Improves content visibility: Search engines now favour content that exudes experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Your internal experts possess all of these elements. By including experts in your content, you will enhance your online presence and boosts the visibility of your content. 

5. Content with a higher return on investment: Collaborating with internal colleagues who understand your organisation, its brand and values is the most effective way to create content for your 2024 strategy. Even a short amount of time (30 mins) spent with an expert has the potential to create a month’s worth of top quality, multi-format content that will work better and achieve more for your organisation. Putting expertise at the core of your content is a low risk, high return strategy. 


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