Why we started Expert Takes


Expert Takes is an end-to-end content marketing solution that helps businesses grow with content marketing that showcases their expertise. Established by experienced marketeers Paul Donnelly and John Casey, Expert Takes helps you take one of your greatest assets – your business’s knowledge and authority – and turn it into powerful, high-quality content that attracts attention, builds trust, and achieves marketing goals. They call it ‘expert-led’ marketing. 

“We are passionate about blending subject matter and product expertise with content marketing to help businesses establish authority and trust among customers.”

Paul Donnelly, co-founder of Expert Takes

This is the origin story of Expert Takes. Expert Takes Co-founder Paul Donnelly explains why they started Expert Takes and how your experts represent untapped content marketing potential for your business. He explains why authenticity is king when it comes to making your content attractive to customers and how Expert Takes can help take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

Your Experts represent untapped marketing potential.

Over the years we’ve had the chance to work with many businesses rich in knowledge and expertise. Most of them hadn’t yet figured out how to use it to fulfil their content and business goals. This untapped potential provides an opportunity for all types of businesses to elevate their marketing activity.

We created Expert Takes to help businesses leverage expert-led content marketing and use their internal, partner and customer knowledge to achieve content goals and drive business growth month after month.

While some businesses have long recognised the potential of expert-led content, most struggle to successfully weave their expert knowledge and perspectives into their content marketing. Getting it right can be an overwhelming undertaking, particularly for under-resourced and over-stretched marketing teams. 

Unlocking this opportunity involves more than just recognising the impact of expert-led content. In our experience, marketing teams of all shapes and sizes encounter ‘pains’ in specific areas for various reasons: 

Strategy: Teams commonly struggle to strategically align their expert’s insights with marketing success, such as how their subject matter experts or product experts can effectively contribute towards content that drives brand awareness or lead generation. The reconciliation can be difficult to achieve and when done incorrectly leaves marketers with nice content that really doesn’t do much for their business. 

Research: Even with clear strategic goals, it can be tricky to identify topics and questions that will suit your expert and engage your audience while also delivering on SEO goals your organisation may have.

Production: The production phase presents numerous challenges, from respecting the subject matter or product expert’s time, to finding skilled talent that will transform insights into killer content; within budget and timeline constraints.  

Consistency: Demonstrating expertise, building trust and achieving goals require consistent production and sharing of expert-led content. Constant demands on marketing teams often makes consistency the hardest aspect to achieve. 

Instead of introducing a solution that addresses these pains, many businesses soldier on, falling into the trap of creating generic, same old-same old content. These businesses are wasting their time.  The content, which they end up investing time, money and energy in, falls short of their audience and customers’ expectations and falls foul of search engines evolving ranking algorithms. 

Those rushing towards ChatGPT and other AI as a quick fix, could be jeopardising future revenue streams as Google makes significant changes to how they rank and display content, distinctly looking for ‘experience and expertise’ in order to surface the highest quality, most relevant results and avoid regurgitated AI generated content. 

Expert Takes capitalises on the current content marketing landscape, creating experience-rich content, showcasing expertise and unique perspectives that already exist within the business, at speed, at scale, and with minimal demands on already over-extended marketing teams. 

The power of expertise

We are passionate about blending subject matter expertise with content marketing to help businesses establish authority and trust among customers. Showcasing real people and their knowledge is at the heart of Expert Takes. 

Businesses that can leverage their knowledge and expertise successfully are more effective because content composed of real and practical experience is more authentic. Authenticity is simply more compelling to customers.

Businesses struggle with achieving this for many reasons: aligning expert-led content to business goals; accessing the skills required; and extracting the right information from subject matter and product experts are challenging and time consuming. Even when this is all achieved, marketing teams with tight resources, and too many tasks, still need to create content quickly and consistently to see results.

Expert Takes is designed to help take away the stress of adopting this innovative strand of content marketing. We do the heavy lifting. We research relevant topics that align with the business’s strategic goals. Our experts know how to draft questions that elicit the right information, and our processes and technology make it easy for your experts to impart their knowledge, with minimal time, effort and technical skill.

We know that marketing teams need to do more with less so our creative and highly trained designers, videographers and copywriters take short and succinct interviews, and through repurposing and transcreation, create suites of first-rate content linked to your strategic goals.

We offer off-the-shelf as well as custom plans which have fixed, upfront pricing so customers know exactly what they will get every month. Paired with that we offer a range of add-ons to customers who want additional support on distribution or SEO or paid media.

Depending on your chosen plan, we create high-quality branded blogs and articles, as well as engaging social media content like videos, social posts, graphics, carousels, infographics quickly, reliably and in a way that does not drain your resources.

Our plans are offered on subscription to ensure you have great content to share month after month, helping you attain the holy grail – consistency.

How Expert Takes can help take your business to the next level.

Over the years we have worked with many different types of companies that have struggled to expose the expertise locked inside the minds of their colleagues, partners, and customers, and convert it into marketing currency.

Businesses in specialist industries or services, with technical or complex products, in heavily regulated industries, or those relying on highly specialised experts in particular struggle. But it is not a problem unique to them. B2B companies, technology companies, professional service firms, educational and training organisations, and industry and non-profit organisations also have valuable expertise and stories that will engage customers, and often find them hard to articulate.  

We created Expert Takes to tackle these problems head-on so businesses can take their marketing activity to the next level with ease. We designed a convenient and repeatable way to draw out the specialised information within businesses and create clear, powerful, and engaging content that can be used to achieve their content goals, and we’ve done it in a way that takes limited time from experts, and marketing teams of all sizes.

Expert Takes is a new solution designed by Paul Donnelly and John Casey that turns businesses creating generic content into businesses full of insight and experiences that can help customers.

It creates experience-rich and expert-led content to help businesses stand out and establish themselves as thought leaders while causing minimal disruption to any marketing team and their experts.

By using Expert Takes marketing teams gain a month’s worth of high-quality relevant content to use on their website and social media month in, month out, that looks great, achieves content goals, and will deliver value for customers well beyond social trends or algorithm updates.

Find out more about how Expert Takes works, check out our pricing page, or contact us directly.

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